Myrmidon Networks Security Consulting

We have a simple manifesto:

Paranoia is good.
The world really is out to get you. Your datacenter IS the target of attack from a wide range of intruders, ranging from script kiddiez with delusions of grandeur to legitimate saboteurs and industrial spies. Don't make their job easier than it already is.

Security is not a product. 
It is a discipline and mindset backed up by comprehensive suite of services. The greatest technology in the world is useless if your staff doesn't understand its purpose.

Security extends beyond the firewall.
Don't fall into the "firewall trap". A well configured, robust firewall should be a component of a secure architecture, but not the end result. You need to understand how to intelligently deploy a multilevel security infrastructure and integrate it into your overall datacenter initiatives.

Security is not an afterthought.
Too many developers and systems integrators treat security as an optional component that gets tacked on at the end of the cycle, prior to final deployment to production. This is a fatal flaw for today's enterprise.

Security starts with your applications.
Design your custom apps with security in mind from the beginning. A relatively small amount of effort spent in the beginning of a project yields tremendous long term benefits. The most advanced security programs on the planet can be obviated by poor coding practices.

Myrmidon Networks has been providing enterprise security solutions since 1998 to a broad range of clients in a large number of industries. We have been successfully meeting security consulting and datacenter services needs for extremely demanding clients in the finance, engineering, manufacturing, and government sectors. Whether you need to harden commercial off the shelf (COTS) OSes or want the true security and mandatory access controls of a trusted OS, we can help you secure and protect your environment.

We are extremely passionate about information security and completely dedicated to helping you protect your enterprise against the new world of electronic crime infosec warfare.

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