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What is a Myrmidon, anyway???

Since we get this question a lot, here goes:

Webster's definition: 

Myr�mi�don (m�r m -d n , -dn) n. 1. Greek Mythology. A member of a warlike people who followed Achilles on the expedition against Troy. 
2. A faithful follower who carries out orders without question.

Our definition: 

Myr�mi�don (m�r m -d n , -dn) n. 1. Your ally against the cold, hard world of the "new" Internet

Myrmidon Networks was formed in 1998 to address the demanding security needs of large enterprises and high end electronic commerce sites. Our senior partners each have an average of 15 years in the technology sector, with a focus on providing enterprise solutions to a variety of vertical markets, including finance, legal, defense, and engineering.

Our primary focus and skill set is in providing hybrid datacenter expertise for enterprises based on widely deployed proprietary and open source hardware, network, and virtualization platforms combined with Amazon and Microsoft public cloud platforms.

We understand and respect the mission critical nature and "lights out" requirements of today's enterprise systems. Our team is focused on doing whatever it takes to make our clients successful in the web space. Attention to detail, thorough documentation, and rapid turn around can only be accomplished by a highly skilled staff that genuinely loves what it's doing. We're excited about today's market and want to share that excitement with our employees and our customers.

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