Myrmidon Networks Project Management Consulting Services

Your focus is development. It's what you like and what you're paid to do, but you're being bogged down by a lot of distractions. Design meetings with the art department, infrastructure meetings with the operations staff, business process meetings with sales, not to mention having to interview dozens of candidates in the hopes of finding the right fit for your organization. The project is slipping and the deadline is approaching. How are you going to make it?

You've spent months crafting a solid and innovative ebusiness application that is "make or break" for the company. How do you get the app out to your production servers securely? How can you roll back if there are problems? How can you rapidly deploy dozens or hundreds of servers in a very short period of time? Tap our expertise to answer these questions and to put a maintainable infrastructure and process into place for exactly these circumstances.

Today's marketplace is global and your applications will most likely deployed internationally at some point. Where is the best location to deploy your equipment in order to best serve your client base? What countries have restrictive tariffs or antiquated laws that will impact your technology? How will you maintain and service a geographically distributed enterprise with a limited amount of staff? We've done this and have valuable experience with international markets and can help you make the best decisions for your business.

Let Myrmidon Networks help. We've been on both sides of these issues and understand that a full time developer cannot be effective if he's distracted by outside issues. We've managed everything from small teams with a half dozen members to cross functional committees spread over 3 continents. Let us handle the annoying details so you can focus on what you do best: delivering world class code.

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